Considering the problems arising out of compartmentation of activities of any organization, an unbiased study by an external agency on technical risk management measures adopted and insurance practices followed will help the management of the organization to manage the risk effectively and profitably.

We have a team of risk management and insurance planning experts with a wide experience of each having over a decade in the relevant area. The team members have carried out similar studies for organizations belonging to various sectors like fertilizer manufacturing, power plants, mines etc and helped the managements of those organizations to manage their risks effectively and profitably. The suggestions made by the team are technically possible and practically viable.

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Risk Inspection Survey

A risk inspection or assessment survey is not an audit. A risk assessment is a method used to identify weaknesses which might prevent a business unit from achieving its goals and objectives. 

Risk Mangement & Insurance Planning

Risk Management and Insurance Planning is required for any organization to review their risk management strategies and to opt for risk transfer measures like availing insurance cover etc

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Loss Inspection Survey

For our clients, we prepare a bill of quantities for building damage and inventories for damaged goods and undertake all negotiations with Insurers to achieve the best possible settlement.