Process Safety Mumbai

Indsafe- A Well-Known Process Safety Management Consultant in Mumbai

Process safety management is a vital process that companies use to manage the use of chemical and toxic substances within the organization. At Indsafe, we have a team of experts who provide guidance to those who work with highly hazardous chemicals to properly store, transport, and apply them. Besides being a process safety management consultant in Mumbai, we offer a range of other services, including hazardous area classification, disaster management, dust explosion, and hazard operability study in Mumbai.

In general, there are 14 elements of process safety management procedure;

· Compliance Audits
· Training
· Process Safety Information
· Process Hazard Analysis
· Contractors
· Hot Work
· Incident Investigation
· Management of Change
· Employee Participation
· Mechanical Integrity
· Emergency Planning and Response
· Operating Procedures
· Trade Secrets
· Pre-startup Safety Review
· Emergency Planning and Response

Learn why the process safety management is important;

  • Prevent accidents-

    By properly evaluating the operations involving the use of hazardous substances, we offer safety information to prevent the team members from accidents that might occur due to the use of hazardous chemicals.


  • Promote proper use– Our experts educate your workforce regarding the proper use of chemicals they work with and provide certain tips to safely transport and store them, which lead to less product waste and improved safety of the workplace.


  • Protect team members- The ultimate goal of the process safety management consultant in Mumbai is to protect your team members by guiding them regarding the proper and safe handling of chemical and other hazardous sustenance. This will improve their morale and reduce the expenses related to medical emergencies.


  • Boost coordination– we as PSM consultant in Mumbai encourages proper communication between all the members of the organization and company management.


  • Protect the general public– Any accidents occurring in the organization can affect the public residing near the organization. Depending on the nature of work, we reduce the potential risks to the general public by offering the right training and guidance.


Ensuring the safety and security of the workforce and management must be the top priority for any business owner. They must implement a process safety management system in their organization to ensure proper handling of hazardous chemicals to ensure everyone’s safety. Being a reputed process safety management consultant in Mumbai, we will train your workforce and management to handle hazardous chemicals and substances