Multi-Location Benchmarking

Multi-location Benchmarking

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Modern consumer-oriented companies are operating tens and probably hundreds of customer fronts in forms of retail stores, outlets, offices and this infrastructure is supported by logistics and warehousing. Almost all of these companies struggle with benchmarking the EHS stature of all their locations on a common benchmarking platform.
Our IN-HOUSE Benchmarking system not only generates y-o-y trackable scores for respective sites and locations, it also provides budgeting and BOQs to enable mitigation and ease management calls on mitigating risk via financial intervention. Refer our audit implementation services for more understanding on this.


How many times has it happened that you have been left with audit findings and large reports with less or no resources to close the audit points? This becomes an even larger problem with more than one locations audited simultaneously.
We have been developing customised solutions to close audit points especially for our multi-location based clients such as Warehousing, retail stores, corporate offices spread PAN INDIA.
Both the auditing and implementation can be clubbed to make the cycle more monetarily-feasible for our clients. OR, services can be taken individually.