Structural AUDIT

Structural audit is a correct diagnosis establishing the cause, nature and extent of damage, and the weakness or deterioration caused in the structure where report gives a detailed description of condition of structure, scale of deterioration and effectiveness of a repair or retrofitting. Aforementioned data is presented to the client as a part of structural audit report where due consideration is given to make reports purposeful and easy to understand. Once the report is presented to the client, structural audit of structure is considered complete. To pursue & implement the recommendations of report is at clients’ discretion.
Structural Retrofitting

If structural audit report contains non-compliances or structural distresses which are meant to be addressed then rehabilitation & retrofitting of structure is supposed to be carried out to address these issues. 

Design Analysis & Solutions

Structural analysis is employed on structural drawings of buildings frames, trusses, bridges to determine the effects of loads on physical structures.

Structural Stability Certification

Structural stability certificate is a compulsory document required in municipalities’ bylaws of many states issued by a structural engineer after a thorough assessment of structure and its components.