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Indsafe Will Assist You in Hazardous Area Classification

A hazardous area is classified as an area in which an explosive gas atmosphere is present in a quantity that can cause massive damage to any structure and cause fatalities. The term hazardous area is associated with the installation of electrical and instrumentation equipment to meet the business requirement. Hazardous area classification in Pune helps businesses stay aware of the hazardous area
and ensure the safety of the employees.

What exactly is hazardous area classification?

Hazardous area classification is a detailed evaluation of facilities where an explosive environment may be present. To ensure the process safety, the hazardous area classification seems extremely important.

Below are some general steps to follow for the hazardous area classification;

  • All potential leak sources are determined like pump seals, flanges, sample points, vents, instruments, etc.
  • The degree of ventilation is established around the potential leak source
  • The grade of release is also determined at each potential leak source.
  • The hazard radius around the potential leak source is determined to avoid any explosion.
  • The hazardous zones from all potential leak sources are determined.

Why choose Indsafe for hazardous area classification?

A team of qualified experts undertakes an analysis of the area where explosive atmospheres tend to occur. They create a set of plans in the form of drawings that depict different classified zones where the working environment is established. Our experts make sure the correct equipment that is appropriate to the zone classification is selected. Also, accurate records are maintained to make sure periodic
maintenance is provided.

Indsafe is a well-known name for industrial safety and risk management service. With over decades of experience in offering high-quality engineering services at all phases of the product life cycle. We understand the concerns of business owners who want to make sure the business operation does not get affected due to any mishaps that can occur within the organization. We offer the best hazard area
classification services in Pune in which our experts provide training to the company staff regarding how to handle the electrical equipment to avoid any explosion in the facility.

The ultimate goal of the hazardous area classification is to minimize electrical energy as it is a potential source of fire due to the release of flammable or combustible materials in a classified area. Besides hazardous area classification, we offer an assortment of other services like Disaster Management plan, Dust Explosion Study, and dust explosion risk assessment in Pune.