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We Help You Manage Safety In Your Premises Successfully!
Electricity is not only a boon but a cause of thousands of deaths and billions in property losses every year in industrial, commercial and domestic premises.
It is important that Electrical systems are handled with utmost safety. Our detailed risk assessments are dynamic in nature as we not only elevate the usability of conventional electrical safety audits but also have introduced real-time data based electrical risk assessments with great success with our clients.
A r-ERA measures the site infrastructure data in real time to understand the faults and practices, logging efficiency of site maintenance teams and their procedures. Comparing these values with standard prescribed values gives our clients the true health status of their electrical safety systems. Some of these testing include:
A testing result table for grid resistance tests where red marking shows alarming non compliant values.
Our audit reports are best-in-class and informative by means of data collation summarised with priority of risks. We use globally accepted standards and engineering criteria to assign risk priority values and color coding which has been shown below.