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Reduce The Chances Of Dust Explosion With Dust Explosion Risk Study

Dozens of dust explosion accidents occur in the country and many of which are not reported. These dust explosions generally occur in various industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, beverages, metals, polymers, plastic, and others. Dust explosions lead to serious injuries, destruction of plants and properties, loss of production in the company, and loss of income and human lives.

Dust explosions are a very complex phenomenon, and you cannot find two dust explosions that share the same characteristics. The five major elements of dust explosions include an ignition source, oxygen, a suspended cloud, explosive dust, and a confined zone.

What causes dust to explode?

Basically, dust explosions occur when combustible dust build-up in the air and quickly coavmbusts, forming a strong pressure wave. Some dusts can be easily identified- paper and wood dust, while some combustible dusts aren’t visible, including aluminum dust. Combustible dusts are more hazardous when it becomes finer. When these finer dust particles mix with oxygen within higher concentrations, the dust
explosion tends to occur. In this situation, this mixer only needs an ignition source that can be anything from an overheated wheel bearing to a cigarette spark.
Under certain conditions, the mix of aluminum dust and oxygen can be a self-ignite as the dust particles rub against one another. As a result, the ignition causes dust to combust quickly. This process creates high air pressure.

Here are some proven safety measures to prevent dust explosions;

  • Understand which dusts are combustible
  • Provide the right training to your employees
  • Implement dust inspection and control methods
  • Implement cleaning techniques that do not generate dust clouds
  • Use proper dust collection systems
  • Take your company safety to the next level with dust explosion study

Each of the proven safety measures will reduce the chances of dust explosion. To take your company safety to the next level, collaborate with the Indsafe. Here we offer you a range of services, including Hazardous Area Classification, Disaster Management plan, and Dust Explosion Study in Hyderabad.

The dust explosion risk assessment in Hyderabad is the process of identifying and evaluating the fire and explosion hazards associated with  the dust in a company. The dust explosion risk assessment is performed by a qualified person to produce solid results that can be documented. This analysis includes necessary actions for the required changes in the operation.